What is a Hunting Camera or Trail Camera?

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What is a Hunting Camera

A hunting Camera is also called Trail Camera. As the name suggests, it is a special camera specially designed for wild hunting activities. The hunting camera is able to pass the energy of the infrared wave through the object with the heat source, through the lens and the sensor probe, quickly sense the moving object to take pictures or record video, and store it in the memory card with the camera to achieve fast and accurate actions. Its characteristics are low power consumption (8 AAA batteries stand by for 12 months), fast speed (less than 0.5 seconds), easy and convenient installation (only one belt/rope is required).


For example, if you know that there’re some deers lives in this area, you can tie the camera to a tree or a place suitable for shooting. Check through the mobile phone APP and find that the camera has captured the deer at 16:00PM every day, so you can come here to guard it by 16:00PM tomorrow. It automatically activates the camera by temperature sensor.

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This is just the original function of a hunting camera, but the shooting monitoring function of the hunting camera can also be brought into full play in life.


What a hunting camera can do?

  1. Investigation and research on the diversity of wild animals in the zoo and reserve
  2. Orchard, breeding, ancient trees, border monitoring and evidence collection
  3. Photographing research on giant panda, Siberian tiger and snow leopard
  4. Timed photography of plant fruit growth cycle
  5. Warehouse and office anti-theft monitoring
  6. Documentary filming

In addition, it can also be used for:
Illegal Logging monitoring
Home Security monitoring
Old tree Protection monitoring
Communication Base Station monitoring
Illegal Hunting surveillance
Orchard Farming monitoring
Outdoor Camping monitoring

Used in: Wildlife Monitor Livestock Monitor Wood Farm Monitor Farm Monitor Warehouse Monitor Office Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Monitor Supermarket Monitor Evidence Collection
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